Chiang Mai, Thailand

Since 2018, LSTSI has partnered with Lanna Dog Welfare (LDW) to help sponsor monthly TNVR projects for strays and offer low cost neuter and vaccine clinics for owned pets. Lanna Dog Welfare is owned and managed exclusively by local Thai people and employs local livestock veterinarians who perform the surgeries at designated locations where human animal conflict resolution is needed.

By demonstrating that TNVR is sustainable and replicable anywhere, no animals need to be relocated, euthanized and people can live in harmony with them, if they are not able to reproduce, fight, or spread rabies.

We pay for up to 50 dogs per month that are the most needy strays that have no other option or care. We also have sponsored sick or injured dogs through LDW.

To date we have sponsored 800+ dogs in multiple locations around Chiang Mai. We have fostered connections with LDW and foreign trained veterinarians to work on teaching the public and Thai veterinarians on vaccine use and TNVR.

Small donations have a huge impact!

Every donation makes a difference. Please consider supporting our organization and the important work we do to improve the lives of animals in underserved communities around the world. Your generosity will help us to continue our TNVR program and make a lasting impact.