Lets Save the Strays International Fundraiser

LSTSI Together with the MVMA and K9 Global Rescue Brings Aid to Ukraine

Animals are the link that binds all of us who love and care for them.

Whether its wildlife or our own pets- all of us who have a pet or know others who do can feel the heartbreak of what is happening to the thousands of animal lives lodt and suffering now in Ukraine. These are the ones the media does not report on.

The abandoned, the homeless, the forgotten…

Dr Shroff, founder of Lets Save The Strays, is working with veterinarians in Massachusetts to get unused donated medications and supplies to veterinarians in dire need in Ukraine. K9 Global Rescue is taking them directly to veterinarians working on the front lines. Our goal is to spread the word and involve veterinarians from all over the US to donate their unused supplies.

Veterinarians helping each other- a great plan!

If you are interested in learning more, check out the link below