Mandalay, Myanmar

Myanmar has 55 million people and twice the number of dogs. She has the highest incidence of rabies and is one of the poorest nations if not the poorest in Asia. No other large organizations have gone in to help Myanmar on a sustainable level mainly due to the ongoing poisoning being done as the only known and utilized solution to this issue. The government has no funds or resources to provide for TNVR, so they send out people to place poisoned meat. If it is not eaten, it is force-fed by placing a dog in a chokehold using rabies pull. The dogs then die where they are, suffering a horrible death, and are loaded up on a huge truck to be hauled away.

Since 2021 we have partnered with Animals Australia. AA works to protect the most vulnerable and abused animals around the globe. They recognized the work we were doing in Myanmar and thanks to their generous support, we are now able to perform TNVR on 200 dog per month in Mandalay alone. We are so grateful for their belief in our project!!

Each month a new location is selected based on requests from local neighborhoods, hospitals, markets, monasteries, schools who want to help their stray dog populations from increasing. Our team of 3 vets and 4 assistants have done TNVR on 4000 dogs in Mandalay with our current rate of 200 per month with a near 100% success rate!

Each dog is humanely captured, sedated, neutered using proper sterile technique, given antibiotics and pain meds, then vaccinated and dewormed. While under anesthesia, each ear is notched so that they can be identified from far away. Their post operative care is managed by local people in the communities where these dogs live. They are recovered under full supervision and kept in an enclosure for 1-2 days until they are allowed to be released.

We have recently returned to each site to see if there are any additional dogs who need TNVR. We have also seen no more poisoning as now there are fewer dogs.

Small donations have a huge impact!

Every donation makes a difference. Please consider supporting our organization and the important work we do to improve the lives of animals in underserved communities around the world. Your generosity will help us to continue our TNVR program and make a lasting impact.