Tula, Russia

Tula is one of the oldest cities in western Russia, 120 miles south of Moscow. At its coldest, it's well below zero F, and it's cold for most of the year. The outskirts of Tula are poor, with stray dogs everywhere. Very few of its poorer community can afford to properly care for their dogs. So many are dumped to fend for themselves.

Often we see hundreds of puppies, sometimes frozen dead on streets, in abandoned buildings, at garbage dumps, starving to death.

In 2021, we enlisted local community members to start to capture, neuter and vaccinate strays in a large area outside the city. To date we have done TNVR on over 300 dogs.

Some of these dogs have been adopted to the US, EU and Estonia. We have saved them from a life of rape, trauma, freezing, or disease which is how most strays are treated in Tula.

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