Lets Save the Strays International Fundraiser

Whose Your Doggy This Valentines Day?

Send A Little Love to A Lonely Heart

Valentines Day is a special day we all shower our love on the ones who deserve it the most! Why not send a donation to us with a sweet card to your special person? When I look at my dogs, all I see is love. When I look at the street dogs we save in places the world has forgotten, I see this same love. They do not have anyone but you who can make a difference in their lives right now!

Flowers fade, chocolate is fattening, and causes cavities! But for a homeless forgotten soul living on the streets, giving a gift of food, health and safety will last forever! Trust me when I tell you that it's lasting....a gift like this is life changing.

Once you select the amount you want to donate, we will send a fun Valentines Day card, to that person who has your heart!!!

Its the coolest Valentines gift around, it says I woof you like no other!!!